Appointment and Invoice Details

WPH is out of network and does not directly accept insurance/medicare, so payment is required at the time of service through ACH (an electronic version of writing a check) or by CC (credit card payments include an additional 3.5% charge). Dr. Trettin bills patients directly by providing an invoice with appropriate appointment and diagnoses codes; patients can check with their insurance about reimbursement for an out of network provider (reimbursement varies and depends on insurance company). WPH does not offer a sliding scale, but Dr. Trettin tries to work with people through frequency of sessions and accessibility.

Initial evaluations require two separate 90min appointments (billed at $500/each session). This time incudes comprehensive information-gathering and forming an individualized care plan. Dr. Trettin spends extensive time processing each person’s story and considering developmental, relational, and biological factors before proposing an approach to treatment. After completion of the second session, Dr. Trettin will provide a lengthy summary of diagnostic thoughts and suggested integrated medication-therapy goals.

Ongoing sessions are chosen based on a combination of patient-preference and clinical appropriateness. WPH offers three types of appointments:

Medication focused appointments are 25-30min long (billed at $300/session) and are appropriate for scenarios including a long history of care with Dr. Trettin, a stable medication regimen, or the involvement of an additional therapist. 

Medication-Therapy appointments are 40-45min long (billed at $350/session) and are appropriate for most individuals, including those who only recently established care with Dr. Trettin, with a shifting medication regimen, with complicated medical issues, or without the involvement of an additional therapist.

Medication-Therapy extended appointments are 55-60min long (billed at $400/session) and are appropriate for people who need a lengthy conversation about their psychopharmacology plan, hope to add further depth to their involvement in psychotherapy, or require the additional time to include a partner or family member(s) in the conversation.

Because Dr. Trettin believes that personalized, interactive, and responsive care is most effective, these fees include the ongoing care provided in between sessions (email accessibility, medication questions/logistics, brief paperwork, and general administrative work).

Paperwork (disability forms, insurance issues, lengthy letters) fee of $150 is applied if time exceeds 15min.

Patient Billing Portal can be accessed through the following button. A portal account allows patients to store desired payment method(s), enable auto-pay, pay open invoices, or view payment history and previous invoices (useful for pursuing out of network insurance reimbursement).