Appointment Details

WPH is out of network and does not directly accept insurance/medicare, so payment is required at the time of service through ACH (an electronic version of writing a check) or by CC (credit card payments include an additional 3.5% charge). Dr. Trettin bills patients directly by providing an invoice with appropriate appointment and diagnoses codes; patients can check with their insurance about reimbursement for an out of network provider (reimbursement varies and depends on insurance company). WPH does not offer a sliding scale, but Dr. Trettin tries to work with people through frequency of sessions and accessibility.

Initial evaluations require a 90-min session ($600) followed by a 45-min session ($300) within a week of the first meeting- the initial session is largely information-gathering, and the second involves formulating a comprehensive care plan. Dr. Trettin spends extensive time processing each person’s story and considering developmental, relational, and biological factors before proposing an approach to treatment. Upon completion of the second session, Dr. Trettin will provide a lengthy summary of diagnostic thoughts and suggested integrated medication-therapy goals.

Ongoing session fee is $300 for 45-minute integrated medication-therapy appointment. Because Dr. Trettin believes that personalized, interactive, and responsive care is most effective, this fee also includes the ongoing care provided in between sessions (email accessibility, medication questions/logistics, brief paperwork, and general administrative work).

Paperwork (disability forms, insurance issues, lengthy letters) fee of $100 is applied if time exceeds 15min.

Sessions are through a secure and confidential psychiatry-based video service or in-person (as long as no active Covid symptoms or recent exposure). It is preferable that initial evaluations are completed through video, as screen-sharing allows Dr. Trettin to use visual aids for enhanced communication, teaching, and explanation.

Office hours to see patients are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday throughout the day; there are also evening times available on Tuesdays. Dr. Trettin meets with people anywhere from once a week to every three months depending on the issues.

Dr. Trettin is currently booked for initial evaluations and is asking potential new patients to reach back out via email after April 1st if still interested in scheduling given this practice information.