Patient and Colleague Testimonials

“Dr Trettin is almost always my first choice when referring for psychiatry.  She is thorough, responsive, thoughtful, and compassionate with my patients.  I trust her knowledge and judgment completely and my patients are always pleased with their experiences with her. She’s an outstanding psychiatrist.”
– Pamela Ginsberg, Ph.D.

“Words can’t describe what you have done for our family. Thank you so very much; we are forever grateful.”

“You are the best psychiatrist I have ever had!”

“Thanks for always being there for me. I feel very lucky to have you in my corner.”

“Dr. Shanthi Trettin has been in my life for the past eleven years. She has changed my life for the better with an accurate diagnosis, she prescribed the right medicine for me and has always been responsive, professional, and helpful. A true support.”

“Thank you for taking so much time with me. I appreciate your knowledge, insight, and compassion. You have been a godsend!”

“Dr. Trettin is an incredibly knowledgeable, compassionate, and collaborative psychiatrist. Clients I refer to her consistently receive excellent care and feel heard, respected, and cared for.”
– Christina Carson-Sacco, Psy.D. 

“I’ve been speaking with Dr. Trettin for over a decade now. She has helped me so much because she both challenges my mindset and evokes genuine warmth & understanding for where I’m at – a tough balance to strike. She’s a great listener for whatever life stage you’re in.”